The Chase Film


Imprisoned and tortured by the Russian FSB for sharing his faith, a young man escapes into the wilderness and becomes a fugitive running for his life to the Norwegian border.
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Concept Poster

The Story

John Aaron, a Norwegian-born American, is an international motivational speaker and musician.  But he has a secret life.  He helps the underground church in Russia smuggle Bibles.

Amy, his fiancĂ©, grows impatient with the time he spends away from her and calls to tell him this may not be the life for her after all.  During the call, he gets taken and thrown in an FSB prison. In desperation, she launches into a campaign to find him and discovers that the underground church has a network of spies that eventually uncover the truth about John and his family. 

Escaping the prison with the help of a guard - he must run for his life through Moscow to the wilderness. But Aleksandr, an FSB agent with a relentless vendetta leads secret police to find John.  He is in non-stop, full-on survival mode, battling the harsh winter climate over the mountains and government agents assigned to stop him.